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With 150 years of driving log trucks between them, six exceptional drivers were recently honoured for seventeen years each without an insurance claim incident, by the Log Haulage Contractors Association (LHCA). Why seventeen years? “The Incident-free Awards came about with the help of our in...

Articles/Tall Timber - December 2021

PF Olsen, The first fifty years | Articles/Tall Timber

Peter FRANCIS Olsen was born in Taihape in 1930. Descended from Scandinavian stock, Peter’s father was a government worker in the social welfare department. Growing up in a white-collar family and a blue-collar town, Peter developed a strong social conscience. His outstanding empathy for others a...

Articles/Tall Timber - August 2021

A man of Action | Articles/Tall Timber

Forestry is not just about burly men and women wielding chainsaws and driving big yellow machines. It’s an industry that provides scope for a broader range of involvement than most others, 
with opportunities in a wide range of disciplines from technology to biotechnology, business, finance, and ...

Articles/Tall Timber - July 2021

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