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A good trucking job | Shaws Wire Rope: Articles/Iron Test

Next to getting trees on the ground, the biggest challenge facing a crew is shifting the wood out of the forest in a timely manner.In large, properly laid-out corporate forests it’s not such a critical issue because permanent, well-formed roads allow conventional log trucks to get right into a sk...

Articles/Iron Test - June 2021

The Bolt On Winch Assist | Shaws Wire Rope: Articles/Iron Test

SOUTHLAND LOGGER ANDREW ‘PRATTY’ PRATT LIKES the idea of tethering a machine on the hill to aid traction in steep harvesting operations. But he’s not so keen on seeing a winch-assist digger sitting idle for big chunks of time when the system isn’t required. So when he spied a website about a se...

Articles/Iron Test - April 2021

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