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Tall Timber; Boom and Bust | Articles/Tall Timber

After 23 years building a logging contracting business in his own name, Robert Stubbs is out. He fought for a more stable business environment but wound up paying a deeply personal price. In this special two-part Tall Timber report, Ian Parkes talks to Robert about his journey, the challenges and...

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In the driver’s seat | Articles/Tall Timber

Alan Forbes is a name synonymous with the forestry industry. Not only did this forestry legend grow a large and successful log transport business from humble beginnings, but he was also there when the Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC) was formed and continues to ‘learn’ with the Tour of Learnin...

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An east coast forestry force | Articles/Tall Timber

Everybody has their ups and downs in life. You know – the usual highs and lows. But in his 50 years so far, East Coast log truck and forestry operator, Ricky Kuru’s lows have been devastatingly, destructively deep. And the highs? Extra-ordinarily, spectacularly high.The trend started early: The k...

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