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From lockup to logging | Articles/Breaking Out

When you’re on that path of almost going to jail or, worse, in jail, you know you gotta make some radical changes. Life has changed for me for the better... I think, through growth, learning from past mistakes and trying to get ahead to better the future for myself and my family,” says Cruz Hobso...

Articles/Breaking Out - May 2022

Fibre rope in running skyline logging: A Norwegian case study | Articles/Breaking Out

The strength of rope required to successfully extract trees from the forest over a long distance results in larger diameter ropes being used. Wire rope has traditionally been used for cable logging because of strength and durability characteristics, but it is very heavy for forest workers to hand...

Articles/Breaking Out - March 2022

Winch-assisted harvesting, then and now | Articles/Breaking Out

Winch-assist technology is now well-established in New Zealand – but how did it come about?The safety and productivity benefits of mechanical tree felling on easy country are well known, but the development of winch-assist has enabled these benefits to be gained in steep slope harvesting operatio...

Articles/Breaking Out - February 2022

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