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Breaking Out: An alternative approach to Logging | Articles/Breaking Out

There are no skidders or tracked feller bunchers within the 20-piece logging fleet owned by Prince George, B.C.-based Freya Logging. The fleet consists primarily of wheeled harvesters and forwarders – and that’s by design.Company forester, Liam Parfitt, describes the majority of the company's har...

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Three-in-one compact combo | Articles/Breaking Out

The name Henry Fear is synonymous with innovation in New Zealand forestry circles. Whether it be as an early disruptor in silviculture with mechanical planters, introducing ‘smart spades’ which identify exactly where to plant a tree seedling, or hydrogel to extend the planting season, where there...

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From lockup to logging | Articles/Breaking Out

When you’re on that path of almost going to jail or, worse, in jail, you know you gotta make some radical changes. Life has changed for me for the better... I think, through growth, learning from past mistakes and trying to get ahead to better the future for myself and my family,” says Cruz Hobso...

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