About Us

Allied Publications is an integrated media company with specific strengths in Road Transport, Construction and Forestry. It is privately owned by husband-and-wife team Trevor & Sue Woolston. For them, owning their own media group and launching both a magazine and online integrated media concept is a dream come true. With over twenty years of industry publishing background the owners of Allied Publications are the most informed target industry media representatives in the New Zealand market place.

Allied Publications Ltd works closely with these various industry business sectors to ensure that all our publications are strong, relevant and accurate.


NZ Logger is an integrated media brand delivering local and global information.

NZ Logger Magazine is the only magazine currently in the Logging Industry. NZ Logger aims to keep you more up to date more often with the most current news and information in this area, under scored by the development of our digital platform including this website and Forest Talk.


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An integrated campaign with NZ Logger offers a fresh approach to traditional advertising. Tailored advertising solutions working with key positioning and editorial provide a unique advertising platform.

NZ Logger’s editorial platforms and integrated media offering is perfect for both consumers and advertisers, offering an audience to advertisers that are savvy media consumers willing to engage with an integrated media solution.