NZ Logger Magazine | November 2023
November 2023 Shaws Iron Test

Shaws Iron Test; Super quick, super stable

     Story & photos: Tim Benseman

As we venture into the deep south between Invercargill and Fiordland in search of an eight-wheeled Komatsu harvester at Bluewood Thinning’s operation, we notice a lot of the trees scattered on flat farmland seem to be about 15% taller than similar trees in the North Island. The Iron Test team throws around various theories as to what might cause this.

The long rolling hills of Southland look like ideal ground for growing Douglas fir trees too, but that theory doesn’t pan out once we get in the forest. Maybe a...

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November 2023 Looking Back

Looking Back; The Dayak Queen

Forestry pioneer, Ross Lockyer, is back with an excerpt from his third book (of five), The River is my Highway: A New Zealand Forest Ranger in the Jungles of Borneo. H...

November 2023 Special Feature

Special Feature; Slash deluge hits Queenstown

Otago’s prime tourist resort gets hit by an extreme weather bomb, right in the middle of a Skyline logging operation above Queenstown’s CBD. It was bound to happen a...

Forest Talk

  • ADVERTORIAL: The connected forest

    ADVERTORIAL: The connected forest

    All industries face challenges in managing logistics but none more so than forestry. From remote and rugged locations to limited communications, variable for...

  • Act quickly on carbon farming

    Act quickly on carbon farming

    “I am hopeful that the new Government will introduce additional controls over carbon farming on top of the changes to the National Environmental Standards fo...

  • Diggers and dozers

    Diggers and dozers

    As a young girl, Haley Adamson always preferred Caterpillars to butterflies but it was moving from earthmoving into building forestry roads that made the big...

  • FICA CEO to retire

    FICA CEO to retire

    Forest Industry Contractors Association (FICA) CEO, Prue Younger, will retire from her role early next year, after six years at the helm.During her time as F...

  • Full reach

    Full reach

    At school as an 11-year-old, Darrin Kealey’s dad walked into class in his gum boots saying he needed him to come and drive a bulldozer as he’d got one of his...

  • Port Nelson delivers despite challenging year

    Port Nelson delivers despite challenging year

    Log exports had a slow start to the year however, the sector recovered to return to forecasted volumes ahead of a market slowdown in June, the recovery contr...

  • Showcasing timber design

    Showcasing timber design

    “Everyone wins when we can support growth in our wood products sector and at the same time tackle our climate change challenges,” says Wood Processing and Ma...

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