NZ Logger Magazine | June 2022
June 2022 Shaw's Wire Ropes Iron Test

Shaw's Wire Ropes Iron Test - Power to burn

 June 2022    Story: Tim Benseman Photos: John Ellegard

For Buster Pieta, the Sumitomo 3740TLW is a real grin machine. He can’t stop grinning when he’s operating it. And he’s definitely not the only one at Lloyd Logging who is deeply impressed by it… and impressed on a scale rarely seen in this industry.

Lloyd Logging was among the first to take delivery of a new generation 40-series Sumitomo model in New Zealand. Weighing in at 37 tonnes, the 3740 loader is a 250-sized machine with a 300 base and an 11.68 metre reach. One of its stand-out features is fuel economy, as it appear...

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June 2022 Young Achievers

Young Achievers - Chop chop

Bushman, bodybuilder, axeman, runner… any one of these titles fits Matthew Grant Stewart (Matt) like a chainsaw mitt. His love for the bush gelled well with his passio...

June 2022 Worker Wellness

Worker Wellness One for the blokes

Just knowing where to go in tough times can be a great first step to changing a life. Our guys and girls working in the forestry industry are pretty capable, hardy and...

Forest Talk

  • Forestry scholarship applications open

    Forestry scholarship applications open

    Applications are now open for Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau (Forestry Scholarships) for study in 2023, giving young people a foot in the door to a career into one o...

  • Logging on

    Logging on

    A phrase like “It’s the way we’ve always done it”, stands as an open challenge to stevedoring company, ISO whose track record of innovation shows it to be pr...

  • Mapping a changing landscape

    Mapping a changing landscape

    An initiative to develop improved detection of land use and forest cover change has been undertaken by Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research in collaboration wi...

  • Native trees not the solution, says FOA

    Native trees not the solution, says FOA

    The Forest Owners Association (FOA) says that while the recently released Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) is a welcome and unprecedented blueprint for reducin...

  • Port unions push for stricter Health & Safety judgement

    Port unions push for stricter Health & Safety judgement

    Port unions will be pushing for an appeal against a Napier District Court decision that saw stevedoring company, ISO, walk away from health and safety charge...

  • Quiet, smooth and quick

    Quiet, smooth and quick

    The NZ Logger Iron Test team joined operator, Napi Martin and the Lealand Logging 040 crew at a gently sloping compartment about five minutes’ drive south of...

  • Spruce bark beetle on the radar

    Spruce bark beetle on the radar

    The spruce bark beetle was a hot topic at Swedish forestry fair, Elmia earlier this month. The eight-toothed spruce bark beetle is one of the most serious ba...

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