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june 2021 - ‘Buy Aussie Timber First’ campaign reaps rewards

‘Buy Aussie Timber First’ campaign reaps rewards

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

The Buy Aussie Timber First (BATF) campaign, launched to promote Australian timber sales following the destructive 2019/20 summer bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic, has been applauded by the structural timber supply chain industry. 

The nine-month campaign helped deliver a message of support about the importance of protecting timber processing jobs in regional Australian manufacturing, bringing together all the major Australian softwood producers who..... more

June 2021 - AI venture backs carbon commitments

AI venture backs carbon commitments

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

A $1.8 million investment in technology that gives landowners streamlined access to forest carbon credit markets was the boost Nelson Artificial Intelligence (NAI) needed to spin off its first business.

Tauranga-based WNT Ventures has backed the spin-off, CarbonCrop, to compete globally in the large and growing market for carbon sequestration management tools.

NAI, which provides AI solutions for thorny environmental challenges, was itself backed by a loan a..... more

June 2021 - CentrePort regeneration on track

CentrePort regeneration on track

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

CentrePort shareholders will receive a special dividend of $15 million as the company continues to progress its regeneration.

Chairman, Lachie Johnstone, says with CentrePort’s strong balance sheet and having successfully finalised the Kaikoura Earthquake claims in 2019, the company is in the position to pay the special dividend to its shareholders – Greater Wellington Regional Council and Horizons Regional Council.

The impact of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake..... more

June 2021 - Drone technology to help save bugs

Drone technology to help save bugs

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

New technology being developed by a research team at the University of Canterbury could lead to a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s threatened and endangered insects, paving the way to more effective conservation management.

Innovation has long been a key part of New Zealand’s bird conservation programmes, such as radio tracking tools for bird management. At a stretch, this technology can also be used to study large invertebrates such as giant wētā and giant l..... more

June 2021 - Forestry scholarships now open for 2022

Forestry scholarships now open for 2022

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

Applications for the 2022 Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau – Forestry Scholarships are now open. This means nine more New Zealanders can study for a career in forestry and wood processing

“It is an exciting time to be studying and working in the forestry and wood processing sector and to open the 2022 scholarships to applicants across the country as a pathway to future careers,” says Debbie Ward, Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service’s Director, Business and Spatial Int..... more

June 2021 - NZ fungus could control wilding pines

NZ fungus could control wilding pines

Posted on 10-Jun-2021

With wilding pine control costing New Zealand millions of dollars a year, a student research project brings some hope. The costly and time-consuming methods of cutting down the trees and spraying herbicide from the air may become a thing of the past. 

Armillaria novae-zealandiae, also known by Māori as harore, is a fungus that feeds on decaying wood. It is common in native forests, where it is a natural part of the ecosystem, helping to decay fallen trees. Wh..... more

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