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Shaws wire ropes Iron Test - A modular marvel | Shaws Wire Rope: Articles/Iron Test

Question: When is a log loader, not a log loader?Answer: When it’s a processor.That appears to be the case with the Eltec 317LL because it was originally designated as a log loader in the company’s model line-up and yet contractors in New Zealand have decided that it works better for them as a pr...

Articles/Iron Test - August 2021

Shaws wire ropes Iron Test - Plugging the loader gap | Shaws Wire Rope: Articles/Iron Test

It was only a matter of time before Tigercat 
decided to fill one of the glaring gaps in its line-up; a compact, purpose-built log loader.That time has now come with the introduction to New Zealand of the all-new Tigercat 865, which sits under the brand’s mid-size 875.The 865 gives Tigercat an en...

Articles/Iron Test - July 2021

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