National Road Carriers strengthens Board

 May 2022   
National Road Carriers strengthens Board

National Road Carriers (NRC) has announced the secondment of Shafraz Khan and Pamela Bonney to the Board – providing specialist strategic support in law and commerce.  

NRC Chair, John Baillie, says ensuring the right expertise sits on the Board is critical to the ongoing success of the organisation. At a time where the organisation is undertaking significant business transformation, the current board vacancies provide the opportunity to bring governance expertise in key strategic areas onto the board.

“Mr Khan is a Partner at Fortune Manning – NRC’s long-standing law firm of record,” says Mr Baillie. “A commercial and civil litigation specialist, he is one of a small number of specialist transport lawyers in New Zealand and is a highly sought-after adviser to both the transport and marine sector with proven expertise on health and safety and resource management issues.” 

With Fortune Manning being NRC’s legal partner for many years he has had the opportunity to work closely with the Board and NRC leadership team. “Being able to step in from the side-lines and get my hands dirty is something I’m really looking forward to – transport is critical within supply chain and a sustainable, viable industry it key to wider New Zealand’s economic success,” says Mr Khan.

Ms Bonney joins following a career working with blue-chip and listed companies in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and United States – and as a current Trustee of the Motu Foundation. 

“She has expertise across a range of business sectors including insurance, dairy, technology and transport, and brings a unique mix of commercial, leadership, strategy and change management skills to the Board,” says Mr Baillie. “She has a deep knowledge of the transport and logistics industry with a passion for ensuring transport has a strong voice at the table on key issues affecting the industry.” 

“I grew up in the transport industry, then spent many years in the corporate world before returning to our family business. This cumulative experience gives me a deep understanding about the importance of logistics and the pivotal role the industry plays in New Zealanders’ lives. Without a strong, globally connected supply chain that has transport as the connective glue moving each piece of the puzzle, consumers wouldn’t have the essential items they need. Our industry ensures that everyday ingredients, finished products, and other consumables move through each part of the supply chain to their end goal – the customer,” says Ms Bonney.

Mr Baillie adds, “NRC is an organisation made up of operators in the largest cities to the smallest rural towns across New Zealand. Regardless of the size of their operation, members are committed to playing their part to ensure New Zealand’s transport industry is tackling the big issues such as roading infrastructure and carbon emissions. Research and innovation are key, as is attracting great talent across all levels.”

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  • National Road Carriers strengthens Board

    National Road Carriers strengthens Board

    National Road Carriers (NRC) has announced the secondment of Shafraz Khan and Pamela Bonney to the Board – providing specialist strategic support in law and ...

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