Worker Wellness One for the blokes

Worker Wellness One for the blokes

Just knowing where to go in tough times can be a great first step to changing a life. Our guys and girls working in the forestry industry are pretty capable, hardy and resilient types. They have to get up in the dark and do a day’s mahi on the hill in all weather,” says Tina Drummond, Health & Safety Manager at log transport company, Pacific Haulage (PHL). 

“The rewards are all around, but no one has been able to escape the recent pressures of uncertainty and lockdowns,” she adds. “The impact on workplaces, and the resultant effect of a tightening economy, mean now, more than ever, we need to support our people.” 

And that support has come in the form of an updated version of The Hawke’s Bay Blokes Book, a free resource focussing on wellbeing for local men and their families.

Hawke’s Bay charitable Trust, DADS HQ, first launched the book in 2019. It provides a wealth of information on self-care, from leisure and recreation to volunteering, physical and mental health, habits, addiction, men’s groups, parenting and separated dads and growing older. The booklet aims to make it quick and easy to find relevant information and contacts for health and social services, local community organisations and leisure activities.

“With no specific ‘hub’ for men’s wellbeing in Hawke’s Bay, this resource fills a gap with the information it provides, both in print and online via the DadsHQ website. We know our community is under huge stress and we are focussed on getting copies into businesses and workplaces to reach as many men as we can,” says Dads HQ manager, Shayne Jeffares.

He says of specific mention is the interest in the Blokes Book within the forestry and transport industries. The first Blokes Book was picked up by Pan Pac and a special print run created for their own use with their branding. With the latest print run, just in time for Men’s health week which runs from 13-19 June, Pan Pac again requested copies and also circulated them to some of their contractors, with interest now coming from other regions around the country and interest in creating a Gisborne edition, with a focus on forestry.

Fulfilling a need

Shayne started Dads HQ in Hawke's Bay after seeing a need to support local Dads more informally, “away from the more formal organisation-type service”.

“Our role is to help Dads to navigate the support they may be seeking in their local community around relationships, communication with their partner and family, parenting or even the need to relocate to the region or seek a referral for support,” says Shayne. 

“We noticed little information available that was relatable directly around Men's Wellness. Unlike other cities, we lacked a Men’s Hub, and many services available were for crisis support. 

“We know men can struggle to find time to stop and think through situations or to reach out for help, sometimes due to work commitments or just not wanting to face the fear. This can put pressure on their own wellbeing and those around them, their...

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